Earphone Jack Malfunctions


If you have speakers where the earphone jack kind of works but the jack that connects to the phone is broken or more specifically the wire inside it is so I decided to show you how to fix this kind of problem. First all you need is a replacement headphone jack to start with. This is the kind of equipment that we have in stock for you that makes doing it yourself really difficult.

You could also use a headphone jack taken from another phone or speakers if it’s the right component. It needs to have the same number of connections at the tip. Headphones with microphones for example have four connections on the tip. What the tip is is the two rings and the sleeve. Standard headphones and speakers will usually have just three connections as is pretty common except not with phones.
Phone almost always have four connections in the tip because almost all phone headphones have microphones in them.
If your phone jack is broken we will cut off the old one and some of the cable and carefully expose the wires inside. We think take care of the necessary soldering and shrink wrap to make fixing the phone earphone possible.

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